Taken from an actual case: On October 19, 2010, while crossing Avenue of the Americas in Manhattan in the pedestrian crosswalk, Sally Smith was struck by a 2008 Jeep, driven by the defendant. She fell onto both knees and her left elbow. This resulted in a displaced fracture of the left olecranon, requiring a two-hour surgical repair and extensive physical therapy. Her resultant ongoing pain and functional issues were compounded by the prominent scarring on this attractive, young woman’s arm. Prior to the incident, Ms. Smith was in excellent health with no significant medical history.

Elbow arthritis is an unfortunate but relatively common, long-term outcome of olecranon fractures. It occurs if the lining of the elbow joint (cartilage) was damaged from the fracture or if the fracture leads to the lining wearing away over time. There is also typically loss of range of motion of the joint. As a result of this innocent pedestrian’s trauma, she suffered pain, surgical procedures, therapies, and an interrupted lifestyle. Significant scarring and keloid formation resulted in Ms. Smith’s resultant cosmetic defect. She suffers from an altered body image with associated emotional issues. She also remains at significant risk for long-term arthritic pain and suffering.

This case — of essentially a fractured arm — resulted in a $500,000 settlement.




Taken from an actual case: Mrs. Jane Doe was crossing the street on Spring Hill Lane on April 1, 2010, when she was struck by a vehicle driven by the young defendant, Mr. Smith, age 19 years. This resulted in a multitude of complex and life-threatening injuries as well as abundantly documented pain and suffering.

She experienced the agony of multiple fractures throughout her body, the need to be physically restrained, a respirator breathing for her and puncture wounds for drainage. Tubes of different varieties were inserted throughout her body, including her trachea, chest walls, abdomen, pubic area and other orifices. She underwent repeated surgical procedures, suffered from infection, ulcers on her back, abrasions to her face, hands, limbs and terrifying fear and anxiety of which we do not yet know the long-term affects. Her body was, according to the report, literally “wrapped around the rear tire of a F250 pick-up truck”.

RN Consulting’s report, which included graphic images, authoritative research documentation and a clear, easy-to-understand analysis of the medical issues and their myriad implications, increased the settlement on this case to $1.78 million.